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Title: Finding Common Ground: Collaborative Requirements Development for Public Health Information Systems
Project: Common Ground
Authors: A Product of the Common Ground Project Supported by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Date: Jun 30, 2010
Topics: Business Process Analysis/Redesign, Chronic Disease Management, IT Strategy, Public Health Preparedness, Requirements Development

Recognizing the growing need to help public health agencies develop a cohesive enterprise, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation engaged the Public Health Informatics Institute (the Institute) in a national initiative called Common Ground. Through this initiative, the Institute led the collaborative development of requirements for information systems that would improve public health preparedness — the ability to respond to public health threats such as infectious diseases, pandemics and bioterrorism — and management of chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and asthma. The Institute served as the National Program Office for the initiative, teaching grantees public health informatics principles and methods, providing technical assistance, and guiding grantees through a methodology for collaboratively defining a common set of information system requirements. This document presents an overview of the Common Ground initiative. 

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