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Title: The Big Picture: Developing an Enterprise View of Public Health Information Systems
Authors: David A. Ross; Public Health Informatics Institute
Date: Aug 01, 2005
Topics: Building Public Health Informatics Capacity, Business Process Analysis/Redesign, IT Strategy, Performance Improvement, Requirements Development

The Public Health Informatics Institute's goal is to tip the public health belief system from its perception that the business of public health is unique in each locale, to a belief that the public health enterprise can succeed only if it defines tomorrow's information systems together. In most respects, public health agencies are not independent islands in need of tailor-made solutions. This topic brief provides an overview of the Institute's and NASCIO's "big picture" enterprise approach to developing comprehensive, cohesive public health information systems. This planning - putting the logical before the physical - starts with stakeholder consensus and understanding of the problem and business processes and drives toward defining common requirements for the systems that will do the work.

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