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Understanding childhood mortality through informatics

In a collaborative PHII project, innovative data collection will be critical to informing public health interventions to reduce childhood mortality.

New Informatics Analyst Joins PHII

This month, we are welcoming former PHII work-study student Natalie Viator on board as an Informatics Analyst.

Challenges and changes: preparing a new generation of IIS managers

Earlier this summer, PHII hosted training for new immunization information system managers.

Bridge-building: collaborating on a shared vision for digital health

A recent visioning session around digital health brought together top representatives from public health, health care and health IT.

Podcast: Call-in show with Dave Ross

Dave Ross returns to the podcast to answer listeners’ questions about public health and informatics.

A different way to meet

We recently tackled some key public health challenges using a fairly unusual meeting format.

Notes on beginnings: PHII then and now

In Vivian's Singletary's first blog as PHII's director, she addresses PHII's origin story and her vision for its future.

Podcast: Working toward health equity using information systems

Sudha Setty joins the podcast to chat about health equity and using immunization data to support vulnerable populations.

PHII welcomes new Senior Technical Project Manager

PHII is pleased to welcome Megan Turk, MBA as a Senior Technical Project Manager.

Sexually transmitted infections: getting better data for a better public health response

The key to effective public health response is capturing timely, accurate and complete data.