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IIS Migration Toolkit

Guidance and Tools for an IIS Technology Transition

These actionable, adaptable tools guide you through the process of transitioning to a new technology platform or other large-scale project involving your immunization information system (IIS). Leverage best practices and tested tools to direct the process, save time and ensure project success. Access tools related to staffing, communications, training, testing and more.

Although these tools were developed to help IIS through the process of migrating to a new technology platform, they can help public health staff navigate any transition or project involving the IIS or another system. These tools can be leveraged for transitions of any scale, whether migrating to a new platform or updating a single IIS module.

How to use this toolkit

The five phases of the project management lifecycle

Considering or planning an IIS platform migration or other large-scale technology project? Start here to learn what this process entails and access foundational resources to get you started on the right track.

Build leadership support and authorization to proceed with a migration project.

Document approaches and plans for executing a migration project.

Complete quality deliverables to meet stated migration objectives and requirements.

Monitor the quality of deliverables and control project constraints.

Obtain approval to formally close the project; transition into maintenance and operations.

Considering or planning an IIS platform migration or other large-scale technology project? Start here to learn what this process entails and access foundational resources to get you started on the right track.

Deliver project objectives on time and on budget through planning and management of project scope and activities.

Ensure stakeholders are prepared for and adopt anticipated changes to help ensure project success.

Consider project resource needs and plan for balancing project and operational tasks among staff.

Document standard operating procedures to help cross-train and build staff capacity to handle operational tasks. Refine to reflect changes as the project unfolds.

Document and validate requirements based on program needs to provide a key input in the procurement process.

Take action to “clean” the data in your current system; plan for migrating and validating data in the new platform.

Coordinate an organized and thorough process of testing the new platform/functionality.

Ensure users are trained and able to use the new platform/functionality.

Prepare to complete your platform migration, and to take your new IIS platform live.

Bulk operations
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Resource files
File Change Management Planning Workbook
File Communications Plan Template
File Considerations for Proceeding with an IIS Platform Migration
PDF icon Functional Model (detailed)
PDF icon Functional Model (simplified one-sheet)
PDF icon IIS Baseline Requirements Project Introduction
File IIS Data Elements Assessment Worksheet
File IIS Functional Model Assessment Workbook (detailed)
File IIS Functional Model Assessment Workbook (simplified workbook)
File IIS HL7 Test Scenario and Test Message Workbook
File IIS Platform Migration Planning Questionnaire
PDF icon IIS Platform Migrations Primer for IIS and Immunization Programs
File IIS Report Inventory Comparison Matrix
File IIS Staff Roles Matrix Template
PDF icon Immunization Information System (IIS) Core Competency Model
PDF icon Interface and HL7 Testing in an IIS Platform Migration
File Learner Personas Worksheet
File Meeting Agenda Template
File Meeting Notes Template
PDF icon Migration Project Management Framework
File Project Change Request Form
File Project Charter Template
File Project Deliverables Matrix
File Project Governance: Roles and Responsibilities Worksheet
File Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda Template
File Project Post-Mortem Template
File Project Schedule Template
File Project Status Report Template
File Radar Report Template
File RASCI Template
File Requirements Traceability Matrix
File Resource Forecast Template
File Risks, Actions, Issues, Decisions (RAID) Log Template
File Sample Business Analyst Role Description
PDF icon Sample Data Migration Process
File Sample IIS Staffing Model
File Sample Project Manager Role Description
PDF icon Sample Training-Related Roles and Responsibilities
PDF icon Sample User Acceptance Testing Roles and Responsibilities
File Staff Allocation Matrix
PDF icon Staffing Considerations for Planning and Executing an IIS Platform Migration
File Stakeholder Analysis Workbook
File Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Template
File Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Tracking Tool Template
File Training Action Mapping Worksheet
File Training Approach Workbook
File Training Plan Template