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Background Reading

Public health informatics remains an opaque field for many public health professionals outside of it. These articles establish a foundation for understanding some of the knowledge gaps that exist between informaticians and the general public health community. By better understanding some of the challenges around communicating about the field, toolkit users can be better prepared to leverage the communications tools offered.


What is "informatics"?

This academic article— a joint effort of the FrameWorks Institute, PHII and Dr. Ed Baker of UNC Chapel Hill—was published in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice in 2016. The article examines current understanding of the term "public health informatics" and makes recommendations for communicating about the field to leaders and other stakeholders.

Making public health informatics visible: communicating an emerging field

Communicating about public health informatics and raising the profile of this emerging, interdisciplinary field of public health presents unique challenges. This strategic "map the gaps" report lays out these challenges and provides an initial set of strategies that communicators can use to address them—i.e., map the knowledge gaps between informatics experts and the general public health workforce.