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Common Requirements for Logistics Management Information Systems

Lubinski, David, Principal Investigator, PATH
Chester, Kelley, PHII
Grevendonk, Jan, PATH
Buchanan, Niki, PHII
September 30, 2010
Methods and tools
Information systems development

Donors and countries alike recognize the need to establish architecture and reusable tools for more systematically building global health information systems. The Logistics Management Information System Requirements Project was funded to address that need and had two main objectives; (1) develop a general methodology for determining and documenting health information system user requirements (CRDM) and (2) apply this methodology to produce requirements in supply chain as one of the core functional domains of a national health system. The collaborative aspect of CRDM was designed to span the needs of multiple vertical programs for the diverse countries of Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal, and Vietnam and a blend of global and national experts, users and stakeholders. The resulting set of information system requirements are presented here.

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The Public Health Informatics Institute. "Common Requirements for Logistics Management Information Systems." (accessed 09/07/2020).